Monday, August 18, 2008

A Word About Coupons

Ok, so honestly I have never really used coupons in my life. I would go through them once in a while, cut a couple out, go shopping, and 200 bucks later be done with it for a week! I dreaded grocery shopping because I knew I would spend a fortune on something I wish I didn't have to. A family of 5 with 2 dogs and 1 cat I didn't really figure there was any way around it. Plus I didn't really want to take the time to clip coupons. Sure I did a few coupon exchanges with some friends but never kept up with it. UNTIL....

this past month. Every Wednesday, Kroger and Harris Teeter, and Walgreens put out there weekly ads. I get up early and browse through the ads. Now that I have been at it a while I actually know what a good cheap price is for most items. I also have a binder with sheet protecetors in it where I clip out all my coupons each week, put them into a white envelope with the date and coupon source (smart source, red plum , p and g savers, etc.) I then even go so far as to make a spreadsheat listing the coupon, amount, experation. That way I can tell at a quick glance what I have and where. This took a long time to do but now that I update it every week it takes only about 15 minutes Sunday morning.

Ok, so while looking through the weekly ads, I combine what is on sale with a coupon, which is doubled at Kroger and Harris Teeter (tripled at times). I then walk away with super cheap groceries! The key is to wait for the sale and save your coupon for use with the sale. Rebates are also a great way to save. I buy 2 Sunday papers each week and get my MIL's left over coupons each Sunday. That pretty much gives me 3 coupons each and most stores take up to 3 like coupons and double 20 coupons per day. (I do sometimes have to make 2 trips to use all my coupons)...

I have gotten palmolive dish soap for 10 cents, lady speed stick for 25 cents, crest and colgate for 50 cents, free toothbrushes, Stridex pads for 50 cents, dandruff shampoo for free, chex mix for 30 cents, Glass plus for 40 cents, shave gel for 50 cents, lucky charms and cheerios for 1.00 per box, FREE kraft singles, bread, dressing, crystal light, wheat thins, and hot dogs, and crayola markers,butter, stain cleaner, and ketchup, 1.00 whipped cream, and much more.

I usually spend at least 100 bucks per kid on school supplies. This year I covered all supplies for 2 kids for a total of 36.00 buy watching for sales and using coupons and rebates. Walgreens even paid me 20 cents for the markers I bought by offering 10 percent more rebate with a gift card instead of check!

My biggest savings was the day I walked out of Kroger with 91.84 worth of groceries for 74 cents!!!!

In one month I was able to feed my family and completely stock my freezer, fridge and pantry, and more with less cost then I normally spent just to get through each week! This includes toiletries, and cleaning supplies. I have about 4 bottles of lysol toilet bowl cleaner that I paid about 1.60 for total. I also have about 50 dollars worth of rebates coming my way.

Other places I have found savings is by using You can link to just about any store online through their site and each store offers you a percentage back on what you spend. I got a check for 13.77 a couple weeks ago and currently have about 25.00 pending rebates waiting for me. For those of you with pets, we usually buy advantage for all 3 at the vet and it is EXPENSIVE. On Saturday, I placed an order at for a 4 month supply for each of the 3 pets. The total was 137.00 and I received the package today complete with a dog bone for the dogs and catnip for the cat and is giving me 10 percent back so 13 bucks!! LOTS cheaper then the vet so I highly recommend this site. I am currently looking into 123inkjets through for ink cartridges for the printer and will update how that goes.

I am still new to this and looking for other ways to save so if you know of any sites or have any ideas, please email me at

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