Thursday, August 21, 2008

My AWESOME Walgreens Scenerio for Tomorrow!

I will be armed with my 5.00 off 20.00 purchase, 3 coupons for energizer batteries, 2 coupons for spray and wash,1 coupon for shampoo, and 2 coupons for scrubbing bubbles.

I will be buying:

1 pack of lightbulbs
3 (2packs) of energizer batteries AA
2 bottles of spray and wash
2 bottles of scrubbing bubbles
1 bottle of Dandruff Shampoo

My grand total will be 26.XX and 5.00 off that will be 21.XX

All of the things I am purchasing have rebates and if I recharge my walgreens rebate card I get an additional 20 percent, so my total rebate credit will be 15.93

So when all is said and done, my total OOP spending will be 5.XX!!!

Get those coupons, and check the August Rebates here and make your list!

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