Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Great Experience with Restaurant.com and 50% COUPON CODE!

I've known about this site for a long time but never bothered to take the time to try it. A few weeks ago I got an email that they were having a sale. Usually, you can buy a 25.00 Gift Certificate for 10.00 but during the sale I was able to buy a 25.00 Gift Certificate for 3.00 plus I linked to restaurant.com thru mrrebates.com and I got .60 rebate so final cost was 2.40 for a 25.00 Gift Certificate. Total savings at restaurant= 22.60!!! Not too shabby!

I was a little worried that I would have trouble using the GC since I had never done it before but I called ahead and they said it is no problem and sure enough there were no problems at the restaurant. The limitations are different for each restaurant, but we used ours at FIRE AND VINE, which is a GREAT restaurant, and we had to buy 2 entrees, which we do, and it was not valid on a Saturday or Sunday, and 20 percent gratuity was automatically added before discount, but DUH, we tip that anyway.

It took about 2 minutes to get the certificate and print it out and the savings and ease of use were excellent, so I highly suggest using restaurant.com (link here). But, don't forget to link thru mrrebates.com here first for additional savings! (just type in restaurant.com in the search feature once you get there and you will find the link you need.)

I've seen coupon codes for up to 80% off, but right now the going one is 50%. So a normally 25.00 GC that costs 10.00, now costs 5.00 if you enter the code SMART at checkout!

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