Monday, August 25, 2008

My Stockpile

So in one month I have managed to feed our entire family and stockpile the following items, while still spending LESS then I normally spend in one month time period. Usually by the end of the month I have spent my budget and have nothing left over. This month I have stockpiled (if I can remember it all):

3 boxes of bandaids
5 boxes of colgate toothpaste
7 shampoos and conditioners
2 hair gels
1 volumizing spray
various makeup
9 womens deodorant
4 mens deodorants
3 clearsil pads
4 lysol toilet bowl cleaners
3 scrubbing bubbles,
4 all laundry detergent
3 spray and washes
28 rolls toilet paper
9 paper towels
2 packs napkins
2 toothbrushes
4 taco kits
2 16 count rice crispies treats
2 16 count pop tarts
6 boxes eggo waffles
lots of chicken, pork ribs, steak, and ground beef
4 taco kits
4 hamburger helpers
3 jars peanut butter
2 jars jelly
2 boxes cheeze its
4 boxes fruit snacks
lots of bottled water and gatorade
2 packs crystal light
15 boxes of mac and cheese
6 cans spaghettio's
2 lbs lunchmeat turkey
11 boxes various name brand cereals
6 lysol wipes
2 glass cleaners
4 glade air freshener sprays
2 glade plug ins
2 bottles pledge

* This is what I have left over for the month and does not include everything I bought as I have fed our family each day. I am sure I am forgetting something but that's the jist of it. I also have 13.XX in a walgreens rebate gift card and about 50.00 in rebates coming my way.

Now that fall is around the corner I am going to stock up on soups and such, but the taco meals and hamburger helper will be good for the late night sports practices.

Does anyone know how long you can freeze go gurts? I haven't stockpiled those because I wasn't sure. I also do not like to freeze bread because I don't like the taste of it when it thaws so I passed up some good deals on that.


pinkmommy4 said...

I am trying desperately to save money for my family and I wondered if you can tell me more about how you got this amazing list of items stockpiled! My Hubby and I have 4 sweet little girls and we have a very limited budget to work with. I am trying everything I know to do but I can't seem to get great deals like you! Can you please help me? I would really appreciate it!

pinkmommy4 said...

I guess I should leave you my email address! (sorry!) It is and my name is Erin. Thanks!

Rita said...

Amy... you can freeze yogurt ;o) If your giving it in your children's school lunches you can even pack it still frozen and it will thaw but still be cold by lunchtime! ;o)