Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Shopping Venture Today

* The only item not pictured is a bag of Purina Dog Food normally priced at 5.69 that I paid 1.69 for.

Pictured items are:

2 Boxes Chocolate Chex Cereal
1 Ken's Marinade
2 bottles Ocean Spray juice
1 CoffeeMate
1 box electrasol
1 Minute Maide juice box pack
1 lb turkey breast from deli
2 boxes of South Beach s'mores bars
4 rubbermaid bowls with lids
1 box mac and cheese
1 box barilla pasta

Total out of pocket expense for today 21.31!!

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Chris Ruch said...

I have a few suggestions if ya don't mind ... you could save even more money by making homemade lemonade and macaroni... just buy up some cheap single serve juice and food containers (the latter should be microwave safe) and then make up a huge batch at once & fridge/freeze for later as needed. Another issue would be the quantity of starches and sugars there... much of the starches you're using aren't whole grain, which is far better for you than products with bleached flour... so you could buy whole grain noodles and even make your own sauces using fresh veg's... or make your own cheese mixture if you want mac & cheese by getting some healthy cheese. The stuff in boxed mac & cheese is mostly flavoring and sodium... not particularly healthy. I think it's a fine balance between watching spending and eating healthy... sometimes the healthy end gets sacrificed in lean times, but there's plenty of things to do to eat cheap but healthy... even raw veg's/fruits instead of packaged juices would be a fine but still fairly cheap substitute. If you have a farm market near you, try to shop there for fresh meat & produce instead of the grocery store- which tends to have lower quality and sometimes rather unhealthy and chemically treated products. Often grocery store fruit (particularly during the winter) is warehoused for far too long as it's picked too "green", then treated to be more colorful or to ripen quicker. Just some ideas for whatever they're worth. I'm no expert and some might call me all wet on these ideas... totally fine by me. Lastly, don't skimp on dog food... cheaper stuff can be VERY detrimental to your dog's health long-term... we were buying "middle of the road" quality with our last dog and he died from liver/kidney problems - do some digging online and you'll find there's some VERY serious problems in the dog food industry that are often causing dogs to die way to young. With our new dog, we've moved up to a more high quality/healthy/expensive product, but with coupons and store club cards, we knock the price down by 10 to 20 bucks per bag (from about 40 for a big bag down to 20 to 25 or so). Even at 40 bucks for a big bag - it lasts so long that it's really only a couple bucks a week in food. Nice blog by the way - I'm impressed with your efforts! Keep it up!