Monday, July 19, 2010

School Supplies, Mad Rush, and Saving Money

Every year I tell myself that I won't wait until the last minute to buy school supplies and that I won't torture myself by dealing with the mass crowds in the school supply section. Every year, however, I am fighting my way thru the aisles wishing I had not waited till the last minute only to get home and be totally stressed out. This year WILL be different. For one thing, last years teachers were nice enough to send home the unused supplies for that year so my list already had a few items checked off. Then last week I was at Target and bought my composition notebooks for .25 each. It wasn't a sale price but it's the lowest price I've seen, so if you need some too, head over there. This week, Walgreens has pocket folders and spiral notebooks on sale so I will be crossing those off my list. I'm still waiting on a good price for glue sticks, tissues, colored pencils, and markers and then my list is complete.

*Went to Walgreens and bought a pack of G2 pens that are priced at 2.19. These are pretty nice gel pens in blue, black, or red. Anyway, I used a printable coupon for 1.00 off and a walgreens coupon from the July book for 1.00 off which left me with .80 overage. I also picked up 4 spiral notebooks at .29 each so paid total of .24 for the pens and notebooks! I've never done the overage deals I see but it went thru just like I've read on blogs. So when I came home I totaled what I've spent so far on supplies and it's a whopping 2.00 for both boys so far and I"m just about done. Besides backpack and lunchbox I'm estimating I'm gonna only spend about 10.00 this year for both boys! That is the best I've ever done!

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