Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Asthma, Kids, and Medical Bills: How to Save Money

This year we have met with a lot of unexpected medical costs associated with both my boys being diagnosed this year with asthma. It all began in October, 2009 when my youngest developed bacterial pneumonia and got very ill very fast. It was a scary ordeal that sent us from doctor to doctor, specialist to specialist. My older son struggled with bronchitis, and allergies that resulted in numerous doctor visits and asthma medicaitons, and antibiotics. Between the doctor visits and prescriptions for both boys and even some hospital visits, the totals quickly skyrocketed! It did not take long before finding ways to save money on prescriptions was a necessity.

Most of the asthma controller medications have online coupons you can print. Advair right now has a printable coupon for 10.00 off and as long as you print a new coupon each month it is valid. The coupon will expire 15 days after you print it so be sure to not print it until you are ready to use it. This coupon can be found here.

Another medication that we use each month is singular. There is a great 20.00 coupon available at the singular website here. While this is a high dollar coupon amount, it is only valid for one use, unfortunately.

Finally, Nasonex, is a third monthly controller medication my children are both using. There is a 15.00 coupon available at their website here and as far as I know you can use it each month for the duration of the program.

While these coupons have helped me save money on my copays each month, totals were still adding up between both boys. Rite Aid currently has a program where you can transfer prescriptions and receive a 25.00 rite aid gift card. I thought this was great until I read the bottom of my harris teeter receipt. Harris Teeter pharmacy is offering a promotion thru the end of August where if you transfer or fill a new prescription there, they will credit your VIC card with 20.00 worth of groceries! The wonderful pharmacist there issues you a punch card and you can participate in this program for 5 prescriptions or refills! That's 100.00 worth of groceries for FREE!!!!!

So far the month of July has been great savings for us! Using coupons for prescriptions, I have saved 100.00 off copays that I normally pay and I have received 100.00 in FREE groceries!

I am really happy with Harris Teeter pharmacy too. There is one pharmacist there so she already knows me and she is so nice and helpful. I like to have all my prescriptions at one pharmacy so I will not be transferring again. I had previously used Walgreens and while they pharmacy techs are nice, I've had mistakes made and there are rarely any money saving opportunities.

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